Delta F.A.R.M - Farmers Advocating Resource Management
Delta F.A.R.M.
Delta F.A.R.M. or Delta Farmers Advocating Resource Management is an association of growers and landowners that strive to implement recognized agricultural practices which will conserve, restore,and enhance the environment of the Northwest Mississippi. In joining this association,growers and landowners agree to use the environmental program to access their farms and to guide them in attaining the highest possible level of land and water resource stewardship in order to ensure a more sustainable and profitable future for agriculture.
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Membership to Delta F.A.R.M. is FREE to any landowner, farm operator or land manager in the Delta and part-Delta counties of Northwest Mississippi who agrees to complete the Delta F.A.R.M. Personal Conservation Assessment on an annual basis. The Personal Conservation Assessment Tool documents voluntary conservation practices utilized by Delta F.A.R.M. members. While the data collected by this tool poses no risk or liability to members, individual information is kept confidential.
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