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Founded in 1998, Delta F.A.R.M. began its humble service to both agriculture and the environment with a pilot program that included 161,000 acres of cropland. Cooperators worked with the organization to help establish an association of farmers that took a proactive approach to conservation and hoped with regulatory and natural resource agencies to ensure a more sustainable and profitable future for agriculture. Today, it seems obvious that those original cooperators and other regional farm leadership were successful in their venture.

After 10 years of service, the Delta F.A.R.M. membership roll has grown a bit. In fact, the organization has enrolled an average of 100,000 acres into the program annually. This puts Delta F.A.R.M. current membership level just less than 1,000,000 acres, or roughly 40% of all the cropland in the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta region. The 1,000,000th acre is expected to be enrolled sometime later this summer.

Plans are already being made to celebrate this significant accomplishment. A commemoration will take place on the farm where the l,000,000th acre is enrolled. Once all the details are finalized and a date is set, all Delta F.A.R.M. members will be invited.